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Recap - First 4 races of the Thursday Thunder Series at
Atlanta Motor Speedway

(5/18/16)  The Springer Racing team has had a rough start to the Thursday Thunder Series at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Motor issues, wrecks and carburetor issues have left the team sitting in 4th place in the standings with 6 races to go.

Race 1 - During practice a bolt came loose on the carburetor and fell into the motor.  Unable to locate the bolt, and without a back up motor, Julie and Ricky decided to go ahead with the qualifying heat race.  Concerned about the motor, Ricky laid back to make sure the motor wouldn't blow (our best motor).  Qualifying 11th, Ricky started the feature 2nd to last.  He quickly made his way through the field and was up to 4th place when a late race caution came out.  Car was real loose coming out of turn 2 on the final lap allowing the 5th place car to get to the inside of him. As they came down the back stretch, Ricky got pinched up against the wall and both cars ended up wrecked.  Ricky was scored in 8th place and the No. 51 Bando sustained heavy damage to the front end.

Race 2 -  Not able to get in enough practice laps on Wednesday to wear in a new tire, replaced after the wreck the first week, the team decided to try an older tire for the heat race.  1/2 way through the race the tire started to go flat, causing the car to be way too loose and loosing up the bolts on the spindle.  He qualified in 12th out of 13.   But determination kicked in as the green flag dropped and Ricky quickly made his way up through the field to 3rd place.  Coming out of turn 4 to take the checkered flag, a lap car went to block him.  Making contact with the lap car and the 4th place car, Ricky was able to keep the car off the wall and finish in 4th place.  For a second week in a row, the Springer Racing team loaded up a damaged race car.

Race 3 - The first of two double headers during the series, the Legends of Ga took to the track on Wednesday night.  This week the team was plagued with loosing bolts on the front end and issues with the carburetor.  Ricky qualified 5th for the feature race and ended up finishing in 4th, with issues with the car maintaining power coming out of turn 4.

Race 4 -  After one lap of practice, the team determined that they had not found the issues with the carburetor and switched it out.  Ricky qualified in 3rd for the feature race.  This race the top three were inverted and Ricky started on the pole.  Running a less than perfect motor, Ricky was able to maintain position throughout the race and finish in 3rd  place- first podium finish of the series.   Still not enough to make up the deficit in the points, but enough to keep hold on his 4th place in the point.

NEXT RACE - Ricky and Springer Racing will return to Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday, June 23rd for the 5th race of the series.  With their best motor and a whole lot of new parts on the No. 51 Bando, the Team plans to chase down a win!

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